30 Years In Business


Can you believe it! Our Optician’s Practice has just had its 30th birthday.

Well it doesn’t seem like it, but it was September 1991 when we opened our doors above a chemist’s shop in Monkseaton. At that time, the team consisted of Nigel, Judith and 3 receptionists each doing 2 days a week. We tested 1 day a week, undertaking locum work elsewhere to support the new project.

The practice has moved twice, and worked from a portable cabin during renovations. This was all within 200 yards, but feels like a million miles in where we have travelled.

We are so grateful to our fantastic, loyal patients, who have supported us every step of the way. Of course we are also indebted to our wonderful team whose hard work and dedication has landed us the title of National Independent Practice of the Year on no fewer than 3 occasions, an achievement of which we are hugely proud.

The change in technology has been mind-blowing. It seems no time at all since we were
using little trial frames to add the lenses to our patients test routine. Now the integrated
system is cross linked to a record card and lenses changed at the click of a mouse.
Who would have thought that we would be performing our own CT scans of the eye within a practice environment? Our OCT tests are now undertaken on an almost routine basis.

Disposable lenses that we throw away on a daily basis? (This packaging is now recycled by the way). We used to see so many red and painful infected eyes, through people not looking after their contact lenses. They are now an altogether safer option than they were.

Lens technology has come on leaps and bounds! Modern varifocals are so easy to adapt to, yet we probably all remember seeing folks walking like they were on the moon, when first wearing some of the older designs.

One thing that hasn’t changed, is our commitment to providing you with the very best in eye-care and eyewear, in a warm friendly environment.

As we have said, “We couldn’t have done it without you”, so thank you! As part of the celebrations we will be running a weekly prize draw.

Anyone who buys a designer frame, or boutique frame will have the chance of getting the frame free of charge. Watch this space, and our Facebook page for details.

We look forward to the next 30 years!