Amazing Varifocal Offer for January and February

Free premium indoor varifocals worth over £200

In conjunction with Hoya UK, we are very excited to bring you this very exciting offer. Anyone ordering a pair of Hoya ID lifestyle or Mistyle varifocals will be entitled to a free pair of new wide focus “indoor varifocals”

So, what are indoor varifocals?
These are the latest wide field lenses specifically designed for people who spend a lot of time reading and at a computer. Modern varifocals provide excellent viewing for all distances but sometimes, if you are undertaking a lot of close up work, indoor varifocals can provide an even wider field of view and a more comfotable head posture. They can be an excellent additon to your normal varifocals.

What is wrong with single vison reading lenses?
Nothing at all, except it is often difficult to be able to focus on your computer screen and written print with the same prescription, since this involves different focal lenghts. Indoor varifocals overcome this problem with a slight tilt of the head.

What are ID varifocals?
These are the latest premium, personalised varifocals from Hoya. They are designed for your individual needs and fitted with utmost accuracy using our latest computerised centration process. This provides the best possible visual performance at all distances.They are available in thin lens design and with the latest coatings for extra glare reduction.
Nigel certainly has no hesitation in recommending them as “The best varifocal I have ever tried for personal use”

Terms of Offer – Simply purchase a complete pair of glasses with Mistyle or iStyle lenses and receive a pair of inddor lenses at no charge. The second frame would be to purchase though they can be fitted to your existing frames if you should so wish.

We look forward to welcoming you, but should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to give one of our helpful kowledgeable staff a call. Further information about the lens types can be found at

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