Letter from Vision Aid Overseas

We have just received this lovely letter from vision aid Overseas and would like to thank everyone for glasses and money donated

Thank you for supporting Vision Aid Overseas!

I am writing to say a big THANK YOU for the spectacles that you recently sent to Vision Aid Overseas. Your support will help us to fight poverty by providing eye care services to people in developing countries who are unnecessarily visually impaired because of poor eye sight.

Vision Aid Overseas is fighting poverty in six countries in Africa by transforming access to eye care. Last year we reached 48,459 patients. However, 10% of the world’s population are still unnecessarily visually impaired because they do not have spectacles.

In the UK, it is extremely easy to take good sight for granted because of the vast number of optical professionals who work on our high streets. In many parts of the world the story could not be more different. Spectacles are only available to the privileged few and most people cannot afford any eye care.

Thank you again for your support and if you would like any more information about Vision Aid Overseas please do not hesitate to contact us.

Very best wishes,

Vision Aid Overseas

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