The Spooky Truth Behind Halloween Cosmetic Contact Lenses

With Halloween around the corner, the frenzy for the perfect costume and accessories is in full swing. Among the myriad of ghastly get-ups, add-ons, and frightful face paints, one item has gained significant traction in recent years – Halloween cosmetic contact lenses. Cosmetic contact lenses might seem like a harmless way to create incredible effects, but the reality is as chilling as a Halloween fright.

What are cosmetic contact lenses?

A group of contact lenses in packages

Designed to alter the natural appearance of your eyes, cosmetic contact lenses come in various forms. Whether you want to change the colour to a mesmerising azure, add a starburst around your iris, or fully embody an alien from Mars, the possibilities are endless. But these contacts are not the same as your standard corrective lenses. They are often bought over-the-counter from novelty shops or online without the consultation of an eye care professional.

Why are these lenses harmful?

The issue with these off-the-shelf spooky lenses is multi-faceted, much like the eyes they cover. The lenses can be made from materials that may not conform to safety standards, leading to an increased risk of scratching the cornea or infection. Some are so thick and opaque that they suffocate the eye, reducing the flow of oxygen — a crucial element for maintaining eye health. Ill-fitting lenses can lead to discomfort and even dislodging, while improper handling during insertion and removal can cause corneal abrasions and infections.

Where to get contact lenses

The witching hour does not overrule the need for proper eye care. Contact lenses, whether cosmetic or not, should only be sourced through a registered optician or a certified stockist. Optometrists will ensure the lenses are not just theatrically pleasing but safe for your eyes. They will fit the lenses to your unique specifications and provide essential training in lens hygiene and wear.

Wearing your contacts safely

A person holding a contact lens on their finger

To ensure your Halloween transformation doesn’t result in a real-life horror show for your eyes, follow these safety tips when wearing your contact lenses for Halloween:

  • Learn the correct way to insert and remove the lenses.
  • Apply makeup before inserting the lenses to minimise the risk of contamination.
  • Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water before handling the lenses.
  • Only use lenses for the recommended length of time.
  • If your eyes become sore or red, cease use and seek medical advice.
  • Never share your lenses with others, no matter how bewitching they appear.

Get ready for Halloween safely

This Halloween, remember your eyes are irreplaceable. Contact our friendly opticians in Whitley Bay so they can fit you with the safest pair of spooky lenses. When it comes to cosmetic contact lenses, the only genuinely spooky gaze is the one casting a blind eye to safety.