Highlights of 2023 From Our Opticians in Whitley Bay

It’s been a remarkable year of growth and gratitude for our opticians in Whitley Bay, with 2023 gifting us numerous milestones, heartwarming celebrations, and impactful initiatives. We are proud to share this walk down memory lane with our dedicated community, who have made every benchmark and memory truly special. 

A year of new faces 

New faces at Robinsons Optometrists, Opticians in Whitley Bay

We welcomed a trio of new optometrists—Elizabeth, Carla, and Terry—who infused our practice with a surge of positive energy and seasoned expertise. With a shared commitment to exceptional eyecare, their journeys have already touched the lives of many in our community. Elizabeth’s vibrant aura, Carla’s adventurous spirit, and Terry’s decades of wisdom are pillars within our practice, promising stellar service with every appointment booked.

Celebrating two decades of dedication

Soul 2 Sand art for Robinsons Optometrists, Opticians in Whitley Bay

Celebrating 20 years at Robinson Optometrists, our optometrist, John’s commitment to the practice and the local community has been crystal clear. In July, we held a special celebration to mark this incredible milestone. Reflecting on his two-decade contribution, we commissioned a unique sand sculpture by Soul 2 Sand, which serves as an enduring tribute to his steadfast service and the everlasting bond our team shares.

Reaching new heights

Helping charities - Robinsons Optometrists, Opticians in Whitley Bay

In July, John, Gail and Angie laced up their boots for a trek up Snowdon, joined by Hoya Vision UK and other like-minded opticians, to raise money for Orbis UK. The breathtaking views they encountered on their climb were only surpassed by the joy of knowing their efforts contributed to a life-changing cause. We raised a remarkable £1,025, supporting Orbis UK in their vision to establish a pioneering vision centre in India, impacting the lives of thousands.

Birthday celebrations

Birthday ceebrations at Robinsons Optometrists, Opticians in Whitley Bay

November brought double celebrations as Anth and Gail turned 50. We enjoy marking milestones with the people who give our days their colour and our glasses their style. The team came together for a heartwarming celebration, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

New frame collections

New frames and collections at Robinsons Optometrists, Opticians in Whitley Bay

With a commitment to always provide the latest in eyewear fashion, we introduced several new frame brands to our collection in 2023. From the edgy sophistication of Kaleos glasses to the British elegance of Taylor Morris, we have curated an eyewear wardrobe as unique and diverse as our patients.

Looking forward to 2024

Our success throughout 2023 would not have been possible without the support of our local residents and the efforts of our team. Thank you for making 2023 extraordinary, and here’s to another year of growth and clarity!

Celebrating John Anderson

Our optometrist John Anderson has been with us for 20 years, and here’s a video of a sand art tribute to John and his contribution to the practice.

Thank you John!