Eye health: Can UV cause cataracts?

Can UV cause cataracts?

Long days, warm evenings, weekends in the garden or the park. Summer is a time of year when most of us love to be outside enjoying the sunshine. You just can’t beat those easy-going, relaxed, sunny vibes.

However, while we hasten to spend as much time outside as possible, we must also take precautions to protect ourselves from sun damage caused by UV rays. One question our patients often ask is, ‘Can UV cause cataracts?’

Let’s explore the link, symptoms, and how you can stay safe in the sun.

What are Cataracts?

Cataracts are an age-related eye condition, most common in people over 60 which typically develops gradually as you age.

This is when the lens in your eye, which is normally clear, becomes cloudy or opaque. It’s caused by proteins in your lens breaking down and clumping together, affecting the quality of your vision. It usually only affects one eye at a time rather than both simultaneously.

Signs and symptoms of cataracts

The signs and symptoms of cataracts typically develop gradually over time:

● Cloudy and blurry vision; often the first and most common symptom.
● Difficulty seeing at night; activities such as driving at night or reading in low light can become difficult.
● Sensitivity to light and glare; bright lights can seem more intense than usual or have a halo effect.
● Fading or yellowing of colours; they can seem less vibrant.

These symptoms can also be caused by other eye conditions. If you’re experiencing any of them, it’s important to book an eye examination to get a professional diagnosis from our experience optometrists.

How do UV rays cause cataracts?

UV rays from sunshine exacerbate the breakdown of proteins in your natural lens, which kicks off the early development of cataracts. These rays can also damage cell membranes in the lens, making them weaker. Additionally, UV rays can lead to the buildup of yellow pigments, which
contributes to lens discolouration.

Protecting your eyes

It’s not all bad news, though! When it comes to your eye health, a belt and braces approach is worth it.

If you’re wondering, “Are cataracts preventable?” The answer is yes, to some degree. While there are other risk factors, such as genetics, one simple yet effective way to protect your eyes and enjoy the sunshine is by wearing a high-quality pair of UV protection sunglasses.

All our sunglasses carry the CE UV400 or British Standard Mark (BSI Kitemark) with lenses that offer 100% UV protection. In terms of sunglasses frames, we recommend oversized and wraparound styles for the most coverage around your eyes to completely shield them from the

Additionally, your everyday prescription eyewear can protect your eyes
from UV too. The Hi-Vision Meiryo lens coating from our lens supplier
Hoya, provides 100% UV protection on the front and extra protection on
the back of the lens, too.

The importance of regular eye examinations

It’s important for you to attend regular eye examinations as they are the
first port of call for diagnosing cataracts. It also means over time; we can
monitor changes in your vision and any cataract development. If cataracts
are severely affecting your vision, we’ll refer you for cataract surgery. It’s
a simple procedure that’s typically very straightforward and effective.

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Contact our opticians in Whitley Bay if you have any concerns about your eye health or if you’d like to learn more about cataract symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments.

Our top Father’s Day gift ideas

With Father’s Day approaching, it’s an ideal time to pick something special you know they will love. If you’re struggling this year, we have the best Father’s Day gift ideas for you… sunglasses! Not only will they make an excellent gift because they are stylish, but they will show you care. 

To help you make your choice, we’ve selected three brands that dads nationwide will appreciate: Tom Ford, Ray-Ban, and Land Rover. Read on to find out more.

Tom Ford

Close-up of a pair of sunglasses

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Having been the creative director at Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford put his reputation and name on the line to start something fresh and memorable. High-quality materials, precision engineering and Italian craftsmanship form the backbone of his operation.

These square-framed sunglasses show how Tom Ford manages to weave the vintage with the contemporary. The angular design plays perfectly with round and oval-shaped faces, and the blend of tortoiseshell and moody Havana tones of orange, black, and brown offers versatility with countless aesthetic preferences.

These are sunnies for the chic, stylish and fashion-conscious men amongst us.


A close up of sunglasses

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This company is synonymous with sunglasses and classic, eternal style, and the Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses are a model that will always be a solid choice. The Wayfarer comes in a few different forms, but we are in love with the New Wayfarer Classic, as pictured here. Being a bit smaller, they can accommodate a variety of face shapes, and the rounded design offers a softer yet more compelling finish. 

The G-15 polarised lenses only allow 15% of light to pass through, so your dad would be glare-free, cool, and comfortable.

Land Rover

A pair of sunglasses on a window

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Land Rover is a brand seeking out sporty and adventurous souls, and the pair featured here meld this aesthetic with clean and minimalist elements, finished in a lovely matte black.

The frame shape complements rounder faces and harnesses that sought-after timeless style. Land Rover is a British brand known for its attention to detail and for producing superior on and off-road vehicles that can navigate incredible obstacles. This “go-anywhere” attitude and premium feel have been transferred to its eyewear, making these a perfect pair for the thrill-seeking dad. 

Visit our Opticians in Whitley Bay

We have the perfect gifts for Father’s Day: sunglasses! Rest assured, all of our shades can be fitted with prescription lenses if needed. We’d love to welcome you to our practice, so please get in touch to book an appointment or visit us to browse our eyewear and sunglasses ranges! 

Meet our Optometrists

At Robinson Optometrists, we pride ourselves on having a fantastic team that provides every patient with a service that is second to none. Our practice offers a relaxed and friendly environment to help you feel comfortable when you come for an eye test in Whitley Bay. Our optometrists are the main port of call when you attend your eye exam, so why not carry on reading to get to know them a little better?


John at Robinson Optometrists, Opticians in Whitley Bay

Up first is our colleague from north of the border, John, who’s been a valued member of the team for 20 years! John moved to Scotland from South Africa in his youth and started with us as a pre-registration student before qualifying in 2004. 

As a contact lens wearer, John has a special interest in that area, as well as being involved in the North Tyneside diabetic eye care programme. You’ll find John loves a good chat with patients and will be happy to tell you all about his hobbies, including sea fishing and watching Hibbs as a season ticket holder! 


Elaine at Robinson Optometrists, Opticians in Whitley Bay

Say hello to Elaine! We are incredibly lucky to have Elaine working with us as she is one of only a few independent prescribing optometrists in the area. Elaine has experience working in the eye emergency department of Newcastle Royal Victoria Infirmary (RVI), which is invaluable to us here at the practice. 

With years of experience behind her, and as one of our optometrists in Newcastle, it’s safe to say Elaine is passionate about looking after her patients’ eyes, and everyone who meets her also says she is lovely! You’ll see her out and about running, training for a 5k or marathon when she’s not at work.


Andrea at Robinson Optometrists, Opticians in Whitley Bay

Our optometrist, Andrea, is super popular with our patients and team. As a genuine people person, Andrea loves getting to know our patients and will do everything she can to help them. Her qualifications enable her to provide emergency care for minor eye conditions like red eye. 

Andrea is also qualified in paediatrics, and she is a part of the local paediatric scheme. She loves helping people of all ages, even more so if you chat with her about her beloved Newcastle United! 

Stop by to say hello

Now that you’ve got a little insight into some of our fabulous optometrists, why not pay us a visit and meet them in person? Contact us to book an appointment with our opticians in Whitley Bay today – we know you’ll love them as much as we do!

Step Out In Style With Just Cavalli Glasses

Just Cavalli is a high-end eyewear brand that has mastered the art of producing statement-making eyewear. Their glasses are a perfect mix of classic and contemporary design, making them a must-have for fashion-forward individuals. We’re excited to showcase our top picks from our carefully curated Just Cavalli collection, from sleek cat-eye to oversized, bold frames. Get ready to glam up and upgrade your accessory game with Just Cavalli glasses!

Just Cavalli‘s Iconic Fashion Evolution

Just Cavalli women's designer glasses

Just Cavalli stands out from the crowd when it comes to women’s designer glasses. Founded in 1998 by Roberto Cavalli, the brand has become famous for its unique and edgy style, blending rock, street cool and urban-inspired elements. Their frames offer a more accessible version of the designer’s luxury style, making it perfect for those who love contemporary fashion. 

Its bold and unconventional designs feature oversized frames with animal prints and architectural shapes with bold accents, making it a favourite of many fashion-forward women looking to experiment with a new look. With its fearless and innovative designs, it’s easy to see why Just Cavalli has become such a standout designer glasses brand.

Our Must-Have Just Cavalli Glasses

At our opticians in Whitley Bay, we offer a diverse range of Just Cavalli frames that are sure to make a statement. Our in-house style experts are showcasing their top 3 picks from the collection just for you!

Just Cavalli Designer Glasses

There’s just something about an oversized frame that exudes a sense of confidence and style. And when you combine that with the beautiful tortoiseshell colouring of this pair, it’s no wonder they’re one of our favourites. The warm brown and amber tones give a classic, timeless vibe that’s hard to resist. This doubles up as a great everyday pair or one you bring out just for special occasions as the showstopping centrepiece of your outfit!

Just Cavalli designer frames

If you’re in search of a chic and modern eyewear option, look no further than this chunky square acetate frame. This screams bold and ready for business, with the perfect balance of sophistication. Definitely a versatile design that can easily transition from day to night and a frame shape suited to people with rounder faces in particular to give them a more chiselled look.

Just Cavalli frames

The sleek look of this frame has caught our eye with its beautiful use of contrasting grey leopard print tones to complement the cat-eye shape. The addition of a pop of vibrant pink on the sides has truly taken this frame to the next level, adding a playful touch to this beautifully understated frame.

The Ultimate Style Statement

Just Cavalli is a name that has become synonymous with bold and daring fashion choices. From statement prints to edgy designs, this brand never fails to impress. It’s about being confident, taking risks, breaking free from the conventional and expressing individuality through style. That’s why we love Just Cavalli glasses so much!

If you’re in need of a new pair of glasses, look no further than Just Cavalli and our other top brands. Our opticians in Whitley Bay offer a wide range of stylish and practical frames to suit any style preferences and vision needs. Visit us to browse our latest collections now!